Joywell Granolas

Yes! Our granolas are keto-friendly. Our Simply Nuts & Seeds granola has 1g of sugar and 2 net carbs per serving and the Mixed Berry Crunch has 2g of sugar and 3 net carbs per serving. Both granolas have zero added sugar. 

Yes! Our granolas are diabetic-friendly as one of the key guidelines to managing diabetes from the American Diabetes Association is to minimize added sugars. Our granolas are lower in sugar at only 1-2g of sugar per serving compared to other leading granola brands and contain absolutely zero added sugars.  

Joywell granolas are 75%+ lower in sugar than leading granola brands. Our granolas also contain zero added sugar and have significantly lower net carbs than other granola brands. We achieve this by naturally sweetening our granolas with our Joywell plant-based, zero-sugar sweeteners made from fruit.  Lastly, both of our granolas are grain-free and feature a blend of roasted nuts, seeds, and fruit.

Miracle Berry

Yes it is a real fruit! The miracle berry is a small red fruit native to West Africa. It has been used throughout the years to sweeten foods and enhance flavors. 

Native to West Africa, the miracle berry fruit contains a protein called miraculin. When the berry or it's protein is eaten, miraculin binds to the sweet taste receptors on the tongue. Once anything sour touches a miraculin-coated tongue, the protein reacts to the sourness by activating the tongue's sweet taste receptors which then send a signal to your brain that the sourness you just ate is actually sweet! Since miraculin is a protein, it's fully digested by your body instead of sticking around in your gut like chemical sweeteners or spiking insulin levels like sugar. Bye bye sugar high, hello healthy sweetness! 

The natural sweetness of the miracle berry fruit comes from a protein in the berry called Miraculin, and it comes directly from nature! Miraculin is thousands of times stronger than sugar so we only need a little to get that familiar sweet flavor.  Since the proteins are fully digested by your body, they don't stick around in your gut like chemical sweeteners or spike insulin levels like sugar.

Miracle berry sweeteners are similar to Stevia or monkfruit in that they are 100% plant-based and can naturally sweeten foods without the use of sugar. However, one of the differences is miracle berry fruit is far more potent as it has been found to be as much as 5,500 times sweeter than sugar. As a result, far less of it is needed to deliver sweetness to foods & beverages.  In comparison, monkfruit is 100-250x sweeter than sugar and Stevia is 200-350x sweetener than sugar.

Joywell is pioneering a whole portfolio of natural, plant-based sweeteners that enable us to enjoy the foods we love with an authentically sweet taste without any added sugars. Our sweeteners are protein-based, making them fundamentally different from other sweeteners commonly found in foods. The sweeteners we use in our granolas are derived from miracle berries and katemfe fruit, but we are also developing sweeteners from other exotic fruits.