by Karen Huh April 07, 2021 2 min read

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At Joywell Foods, we're motivated everyday by a mission to give the world delicious, naturally sugar-free sweetness without the negative impacts that come with added sugar. 

Our sweeteners come directly from nature without any chemicals or unpronounceable ingredients added. Nothing funky, all natural sweetness, pure joy. But how exactly do our ingredients work?


How do our plant-based sweeteners work?

The sweeteners we're starting with, thaumatin and miraculin, come directly from the katemfe and miracle fruits, respectively. Native to West Africa, both berries have been used for centuries by locals to bring life to everyday foods. Throughout hundreds of years of use, it’s become obvious the powerful benefits these naturally occurring sweeteners provide.

Thaumatin, taken from the katemfe fruit, works just like sugar to sweeten. But, unlike sugar, thaumatin hasn’t been shown to have the same negative, long-term impacts as sugar and it’s thousands of times sweeter. This means, only a little thaumatin is needed for the same sweetening effect as sugar.

Miraculin, when eaten, snuggles onto the tongue’s sweet taste receptors. Once anything acidic touches a miraculin-coated tongue (think citrus, vinegar, etc), a signal pings your brain with the message that what you ate is actually sweet instead of acidic.

What are the benefits?

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There’s a reason why diet products and sugar replacements taste strange and leave you dissatisfied. These stand-in products compromise on flavor and health with their funky aftertastes and questionable impacts on your long-term well-being. At Joywell Foods, we’re excited to provide a triple whammy win through our fruitfully sweet, naturally sugar-free products that provide all the flavor, health, and joy you deserve. No compromises.

Joywell Foods' sugar-free, healthy sweetener is a win for sugar lovers watching their diets and for everyone frustrated by sugar replacements (aka all of us). But there’s more goodness to our products than just their sweetening abilities. Because of the natural makeup of these sweeteners, they’re fully digested by your stomach instead of sticking around in your gut like other alternative sweeteners or spiking insulin levels like sugar. And these two sweeteners are just the beginning! We have a whole line of naturally sugar-free, healthy sweeteners in the works. 

Bye bye sugar high, hello healthy sweetness!

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