meet the

sweet protein


Buh-bye, sugar. Hello, healthy sweetness. Joywell crafts specialty sweet treats from incredible new proteins found in nature.
Three sweet protein beverages: lemon lime, cherry ginger, and mint berry.

drink up. plant-based sweetness is here.

We’ve unlocked the power of sweet plant proteins. Unbelievable taste. No sugar. Low calorie. Sounds too good to be true? Try us. Tasting is believing.
Tarty, tangy, delicious-y. A real citrus celebration.
Lemon lime sweet protein beverage
Infused with ginger for gut goodness. Crafted to perfection with a hit of cherry.
Cherry ginger sweet protein beverage
Crisp and sweet. Like walking through a summer garden, but with fewer bug bites.
Mint berry sweet protein beverage

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meet our
sweet proteins

Huge flavor. From small fruits and berries hidden in nature. Until now.
Two serendipity berries on a blue background

serendipity berry protein

Fresh from a rainforest vine, wild red berries produce this sweet protein that’s 3,000 times sweeter than the same amount of sugar. Really.
Katemfe fruit on an orange background

katemfe fruit protein

This sweet protein is extracted from the fruit of a tropical flowering plant and is up to 3,000 times sweeter than sugar. But you know what’s really amazing? Its flavor hangs with you longer than typical sugar.
Inside of an Oubli fruit on a purple background

oubli fruit protein

Don't let the climbing Oubli fruit’s small size fool you—it's packed with sweetness and a little goes a long way. 2,000 times as sweet as sugar.
Miracle berries on a red background

miracle berry protein

Also known as the miracle fruit, this berry protein binds to your taste buds and provides insanely sweet flavor, replicating the effect of sugar, without any of the bad stuff. And did we mention that it’s 5,500 times as sweet as the same amount of sugar?

sweet news for your health

No bad stuff. Ever. Sweet proteins are free of GMOs, they don't raise blood sugar levels and are very low calorie. The best part? There's no after-taste or weird sugar-replacement flavor. In other words, sweet proteins are a total game-changer.
No sugar
No bad taste
No glycemic effect
Low calorie
Who knew all we needed to sweeten the pot was a different type of protein? Experience the new side of sweet.
Smiling kid holding a Joywell popsicle

our sweet science

Fruits found in nature. Made accessible with breakthrough technology.
Step 1: Discover
First we find these hard-to-locate fruits and berries that are mostly in unique ecosystems in West Africa. So far, we’ve found about a dozen of these magical sweet proteins. These fruits and berries have existed in the wild for thousands of years, where primates have been snacking on them with delight.
Step 2: Ferment
Next, to bring these amazingly sweet proteins to everyone we use a specialized fermentation process. This is how we make enough magic sweet protein for everyone to enjoy. Think of brewing beer, but instead of suds you get sweet proteins.
Step 3: Craft
Finally, nature and craft collide as we dream up new foods that are just as sweet and tasty as you could want—made without any of the negative effects of sugar.
A photo of trees in the rain.

sweet news for the planet

Sugar has needed a redo for a long time. In fact, we often say we've been stuck in the fossil fuel age of sugar. Why? For one thing, we have the science to do better for both people and the planet. Traditional sugar is not only the chief culprit in our battle with obesity and diabetes—its growth also requires millions of acres of land. As a result, precious ecosystems suffer. We're here to change all that.

650,000 acres saved

per 1% reduction in sugar production

Our low-footprint, health-forward, naturally-fermented alternative directly supports less deforestation and healthier ecosystems. Mother Earth gets a little more breathing room—and that might be the sweetest thing of all.

common questions

What are sweet proteins?
Bye-bye sugar —hello healthy sweetness! Meet the future of sweet without any of the bad stuff. These are novel proteins from nature that charade as sweeteners but digest like proteins. You don't get any of the bad sugar & sugar-alternative side-effects (like triggered blood sugar levels, changing gut microbiomes, or a huge caloric load).
Where do sweet proteins come from?
Most sweet proteins come from fruits and berries that are native to West Africa & other similarly hard-to-reach (and not easy to grow in) places. Many of these fruits and berries have been used for centuries by locals as naturally occurring sweeteners. We like to think of them as "nature's candy."
How do sweet proteins work?
Sweet proteins evolved to trick primates into climbing to hard-to-reach places in search of yummy sweet flavors. What did the plants get? They could stay alive by having their seeds spread. When the primates ate the sweet proteins they triggered their T1R2/T1R3 receptors (these are how we "taste" sweet flavors) for a satisfying bite. But, because they are proteins, not sugars, they immediately unfold and are digested without triggering blood sugar levels and offering small amounts of energy. Turns out that an evolutionary trick in the jungles of West Africa is exactly what we humans need today—the sweet tastes we love without any of the baggage of sugar (blood sugar level, high calories) or non-nutritive sweeteners (blood sugar level spikes, gut microbiome issues).
How much sweeter are sweet proteins than sugar?
2,000-5,500 times sweeter on a like-for-like (size) basis. So, incredibly sweet. Perfect for you and me.
Are sweet proteins healthy?
There’s a reason why diet products & sugar replacements taste strange and leave you dissatisfied. These stand-in products compromise on flavor and health with their funky aftertastes and questionable impact on your long-term well-being. At Joywell Foods, we’re excited to provide a triple whammy win through our fruitfully sweet, naturally sugar-free proteins that provide all the flavor, health, and joy you deserve. No compromises. All courtesy of sweet proteins. Joywell Foods' sugar-free, healthy sweet protein products are a win for sugar lovers watching their diets & for everyone frustrated by sugar replacements (aka all of us). But there’s more goodness to our products than just their sweetening abilities. Because of the natural makeup of these sweeteners, they’re fully digested by your stomach instead of sticking around in your gut like other alternative sweeteners or spiking insulin levels like sugar.
Why are sweet proteins healthier than sugar?
Because a little goes a long way, sweet proteins offer a very low-calorie way to get the sweet flavors we love—without triggering blood sugar or insulin levels, making them a breakthrough healthy choice, especially for diabetics.
Why are sweet proteins healthier than non-nutritive sweeteners?
As with non-nutritive sweeteners, sweet proteins offer a low-calorie way to get the sweet flavors we love. However, unlike most sweetener alternatives, proteins that are sweet give you the taste without triggering blood sugar or insulin levels, making them a much healthier choice, especially for diabetics. There are also a lot of digestion questions surrounding most non-nutritive sweeteners, specifically their impact on our gut microbiomes. Sweet proteins simply digest as proteins—exactly as we understand them to do in our healthy digestive systems.
What is the impact of sweet proteins on blood sugar & insulin levels?
Proteins don't trigger blood sugar levels in digestion. Period.
Are sweet proteins natural?
Yep, our proteins come from nature without any chemicals or unpronounceable ingredients included. Nothing funky, just all-natural sweetness– and joy.

about Joywell

Our Leadership team of Jason Ryder (CTO and Co-founder) and Ali Wing (CEO) are on a mission to help people eat and live better—while still loving their favorite foods. So why start with sugar? Because it's one of the leading causes of poor health—and it's also in nearly 70% of our packaged foods. But what most people don't think about is that sugar farming is also a major strain on the environment. 

Our fermentation process disrupts all of that. One ton of our sweet protein from fermentation can replace up to 200-600 acres of sugar cane fields. That means 200-600 acres of fields that can grow healthy crops, or be returned to rainforests to help our planet thrive. Sugar negatively impacts climate, food, and health. And now we hold the keys to positively change all of that. 

Join us in bringing nature's candy to everyone.
Portrait of Joywell CTO and Co-founder Jason Ryder
Jason Ryder
CTO and Co-founder
Ali Wing
Joywell Foods Readies for Commercialization with $25 Million in Funding Led by Piva Capital

Joywell Foods, has raised an oversubscribed $25 million Series B funding round to bring sweet protein products to consumers for the first time.

Joywell Named in the SOSV Climate Tech 100 List

The SOSV Climate Tech 100 are the top companies using advanced technology to reverse climate change.

The Sweeter Side of Sugar: From Proteins to Plant Waste

Ali Wing, CEO of Joywell, participates in the 2021 FoodBytes! Pitch with a panel discussion moderated by author and journalist Larissa Zimberoff.